History Matters

History Matters

"History Matters" is available exclusively from Red River Radio. This book is a collection of historical commentaries representing a rich collection of regional history .

It is available as a "thank you gift" from the public radio station that carries his commentaries each Tuesday morning at 7:35 a.m. An unsigned copy is available with a pledge of $50, a signed copy with a pledge of $150. This is tax deductible, less the fair market value of the book. 

Gary D. Joiner

Red River Radio Press 2012

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Review by Jan Statman  (Jul 2013)

When Gary D. Joiner insists that history matters, he is not just “whistling Dixie.” In fact, he can probably quote exactly when, where, why and how that particular phrase entered the language and came to mean “meaningless claims” or “hollow wisdom.” Joiner’s claims are carefully researched, and his wisdom is unquestionable and entertaining.

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Dr. Gary Joiner