Confederate Generals in the Western Theater Volume 1 Classic Essays on America's Civil War

Confederate Generals in the Western Theater Volume 1 Classic Essays on America's Civil War
This collection, the first of several projected volumes, brings together some of the best previously published essays on Confederate commanders in the Western Theater. Including articles by such distinguished historians as Grady McWhiney, Charles P. Roland, T. Harry Williams, Frank E. Vandiver, Archer Jones, and Edwin C. Bearss, many of these pieces have only appeared in academic journals, and most have long been out of print. In resurrecting them, this volume introduces a new generation of readers to some of the mid–twentieth century’s most significant Civil War scholarship.

As part of a new series, The Western Theater in the Civil War, this volume reflects the premise that truly understanding the outcome of the war can only be gained through greater knowledge of the western campaigns and the generals who waged them. The essays gathered here—such as Roland’s reassessment of Albert Sidney Johnston, Williams’s examination of P. G. T. Beauregard’s role at Shiloh, Bearss’s look at Bedford Forrest’s great tactical victory at Brice’s Cross Roads, and Vandiver’s analysis of John Bell Hood’s use of logistics—are admirable contributions to this goal. Significantly, in addition to highlighting the Western Theater’s best-known generals, this volume also includes essays on two of its less familiar ones, Patton Anderson and Daniel C. Govan, thus rescuing these fascinating figures from undeserved oblivion.

Future volumes of Confederate Generals in the Western Theater will showcase the latest scholarship with new essays written expressly for the series. By gathering classic earlier work between one set of covers, this opening foray sets a high standard indeed.

Lawrence Lee Hewitt and Arthur W. Bergeron Jr., editors; Gary Joiner, Series Editor

University of Tennessee Press 2010 ISBN: 1572337001

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Review by Terrence J. Winschel  (Oct 2010)

“Seldom has a collection of essays contained such a lineup of historians. These are the true ‘power hitters’ of their generation in their prime and at their very best. So prepare to enjoy Civil War historiography at its finest.”

Dr. Gary Joiner